AGC Weiss Schwarz Bring-a-Friend Pair Tournament (10 Apr, 3.30pm)

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Date: 10 Apr, 3.30pm
Entry Fee: $20 per pair, individual sign ups at $11
Both players may use the same series but not the same deck (based on archtype, i.e similar CX combos, similar Level 3 cards, similar gameplay loop)
For players signing up individually, you will be paired with a random player on the day of the tournament. The above rule will not apply to individual players. 

All pairs will receive 3 Booster Packs on entry, and additional PR packs + Booster Packs per point
4 Rounds, 1 point per win (max of 2 points per round)
3 - 4 Points: 2 Extra PRs and 2 Extra Booster Packs
5 - 7 Points: 4 Extra PRs and 4 Extra Booster Packs
8 Points: 8 Extra PRs and 8 Extra Booster Packs
Prizes will be scaled according to turnout