AGC x asobi x Full Yen - Weiss Schwarz Tournament Hololive Production Special Title Cup

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1. The tournament fee must be paid now
2. Each person can only checkout once. You will only receive 1 PR even if you paid for multiple
3. Players who pay using Credit/Debit Card will need to pay $6 to cover transaction costs
4. Recommended to use PayNow powered by HitPay, apply the promo code below
5. Apply promo code "WSTournament" for $0.50 off the shown price if you pay via PayNow
6. There will be no payments at Active Game Collection, if you choose this option, you will be required to do another checkout
7. All PRs will be mailed out, even if you choose self collect
8. Players are required to play a minimum of 2 rounds, or you will not receive the PR
9. Only players who have signed up will be given the PR. If you checkout without having first signed up, you will not receive the PR
Mailing is included with the entry fee