Cardfight!! Vanguard D Standard Tournament - 26 November 2021

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Date:  26th November 2021 (Friday)

Start Time: 8pm

Format: Swiss (32 Pax) [D-Standard - Nation Fight] 

Champion will be getting a SP Trigger pack or a Congrats PR from selection available at the shop.

2nd & 3rd  player will be getting a Full Art PR from selection available at the shop.

Participation Prize: 1 drink, & 1 of each of the following:

- Any V Series Monthly PR pair (While stocks last)
- 1 D-PR/039 Flash Scissors Monster, Scissors Bar PR 
- 1 D-PR/075 Execution Dragon, Vorpal Scythe Dragon PR
- 1 D-PR/084 Knight of Trident, Gerald PR
- 1 D-PR/088 Dragritter, Antar PR
- 1 D-PR/108 Bovine Blast Dragon PR
- 1 D-PR/132 Dragritter, Faisal PR


Participation Fee: $2.30
- To be collected upon redemption of participation prize at the store 
- Paid via Paynow here
- Paid via Credit card (To pay extra $0.50 to shop when collecting PR)

Restriction List: Cards starting with D- are allowed. Restriction updated as of 24th September 2021.
Please refer to for more information.