Cardfight!! Vanguard V-Premium Tournament - 01 April 2022

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Discord Cardfight! Vanguard (V-Premium) Online Tournament

Date:  01st April 2022 (Friday)

Start Time: 8pm

Format: Swiss (32 Pax) [Clan Fight] 


Champion will be getting a congrats PR from available stock at the shop.

Top 3 players will be getting a double sided Accel Marker featuring Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors (Non-Foil).

Participation Prize: 1 drink & 1 of the following:

- BMT & OTT PR pair
- AF & Tachi PR pair
- SP & DI PR pair 
- Nuba & GC PR pair
- DP & RP PR pair
- AQF & MC PR pair
- GP & GN PR pair
- NG & Kagero PR Pair
- Tachikaze & BMT PR Pair
- Murakumo & GB PR Pair
- LJ & DI PR pair
- Genesis & Narukami PR pair
- Angel Feather & Nubatama PR pair
- Palemoon & Nova Grappler PR pair
- AQF & NN PR pair

Payment Modes:
$2.30 To be collected upon redemption of participation prize at the store 
$2.30 Paid via Paynow here and use PAYNOWTOURNAMENT as code under check out for $0.50 discount
$2.80 Paid via Credit card (Promotional Code not applicable for credit card payments, please take note that if the full amount is not paid, order will be invalidated and no refunds.)

Restriction List:  Clan Fight.   <All cards released so far valid for use> As per 01st April 2022 new restriction list in English Edition for Cardfight!! Vanguard. Please refer to for more information on the restriction list