Shadowverse Evolve Booster 8 (Class Split - Box Break @ AGC, 22 Dec, 10pm)

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1. Choose your class(es). You will receive ALL cards from your chosen class from that particular box (including foils, alternate art cards, leaders and tokens)

2. Choose "Payment at AGC/PayNow" for $0.90 off per slot

3. Come to AGC on Saturday, 30 Oct, 8pm to view the box break live in person

4. Choose your box number on the day of the box break, with the total number of boxes in the pool subject to total number of slots sold

There will be 16 boxes in this pool from 1 fresh carton. Carton will be opened at exactly 10pm.

A box will ONLY be opened when at least 4 classes have been taken, including Neutral

No refunds will be given once a box is opened